The Ndebele Village of “Mapoch” is situated 40 km West outside Pretoria. YOU could be living within the community of Mapoch. The village inhabitants still live in a traditional manner and practice their time-old customs, despite the influence of modernisation.
The village is relatively un-commercialised and YOU will have the opportunity to immerse yourself and experience life from a unique perspective




 The Conference Center  Lodge Accomodation  A view of the Village
Strategise you companies goals within the ambience of our geometric conference room, breaking for a traditional meal offered by the community  Relax overnight in our comfortable lodge while you enjoy a home cooked meal. The more adventurous may try sleeping a  night in a traditional hut  in the traditional way … on a mat!
 We support the principles of pro-poor tourism and responsible trade. Our conference centre and accommodation is held in a village trust. We manage and run our facilities and services by employing only from our village. The majority of our income stays in our village ensuring self sustainability.

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